Introducing Neon Order: Candy Warpop’s New Album

Amy’s incredible Bosch-inspired hand-drawn (!) album art for Neon Order.

My band Candy Warpop released a new album recently, and quite frankly I find it to be quite groovy. I’ve been making music with Amy and Anisa for quite some time and I think these songs are some of the best we’ve ever recorded. Enjoy some press release copy and a free streaming link below (also on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and any other place you can think of):

“The album features a flowering of themes explored by Candy Warpop throughout its seven-year existence. The 10 original songs, which range in style from punk rock blast-beats to psychedelic hard rock to folky New England fairytale, culminate in “Hard City,” a nearly 9-minute suite that metaphorically explores the relationship between the individual and the city of Las Vegas and all that that city represents.

“This album embodies my inner thoughts and feelings on the modern world in which I live. It covers the whole spectrum from the struggle of self-worth, to the everyday trials of being a part of a flawed system. The looming fears of nuclear holocaust, the plastic economy that we exchange for cancerous air. The social pressures imposed on our youth. The human perspective of frustration, anger, alienation. The questioning of one’s own existence. The struggle between right and wrong. The fight for goodness in a seemingly bleak futuristic world.” says Amy Pate, frontwoman and principal songwriter of Candy Warpop.

The album was engineered, mixed, and mastered by William Davenport of the Las Vegas band Bounty Hunter Brothers. In addition to the core trio of Amy Pate on vocals, Joshua Chévere Cohen on guitars, and Anisa on drums, the album features contributions from bassists Davenport and Harley Siu Swisher of iRie. ”

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