Eye-Socket Candy: Sulking Through the Catacombs of Paris

“Arrête! C’ est ici l’empire de la mort.”

“Stop! Here is the Empire of Death.”

Thus reads the warning at the entrance to the Catacombs of Paris. Much has been written about this beloved boneyard — 200 miles of subterranean mine-shafts converted into every goth’s favorite ossuary. I’ll spare you the history lesson this time and get straight to the goods: skulls, skulls, and more skulls.

It’s a long way down: bring your best walking shoes and a warm coat.

Over 6 million bodies were transferred from Paris’ cemeteries to the catacombs. The old cemeteries could no longer contain centuries of burials in a clean and pleasant-smelling manner.

Some important guidelines when meeting your new boney friends.

Megan, totally comfortable, and not at all spooked.

The Rotonde des Tibias is a huge column made of, well, take a guess.