How to Get to Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour from London (+ Photo Gallery)

So, you’re going to London. Chances are you’re looking to accomplish at least one Harry Potter-themed adventure while you’re there, so why not go for the main attraction that is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. As the site of the majority of the filming for the film franchise, the studio has a certain magic that cannot be easily replicated in a theme park or gift shop. Throw in original props, sets, costumes, and animatronics from the films and you’re in for a real treat. But how do you get there?

The Warner Bros. Studio is in Watford, which is just north of London. You can get there by car, a bus tour, or rather easily by public transportation. However, the information on the Studio Tour website isn’t quite clear enough, especially if you’re visiting London for the first time and don’t know how the train system works yet. Allow me to help.

You’ve arrived in London, so chances are you are in the vicinity of King’s Cross-St Pancras Stations (or a near a tube station that will get you there). This is a good thing: the Platform 9 3/4 gift shop is at King’s Cross. Get yourself a scarf and take a photo outside with the hand trolley.

To get to the Studio, you’re going to want to get to Euston station which isn’t far from King’s Cross. Take a bus, taxi, or train from wherever you’re at to Euston. Hopefully you have your Oyster card and its loaded up; this is the wand which will take you from the train station to Hogwarts. Don’t know what an Oyster card is? This handy video will explain it to you.

From Euston station you’re going to want to take a train to Watford Junction. There should be a sign that says as much, or the information booth can assist. With a quick tap of your Oyster card, you’re onto the train and off into the countryside.

It won’t take long to get to Watford, 30 minutes or so. After departing the train in Watford, exit the station and look for the Harry Potter-festooned bus stop outside the station. Chances are there are several of your people–Potter people–gathered there. Wait for the bus, pay the man £2.50 (cash only) and soon enough you are dropped off at the entrance to the studio.

To get back to London, do all of these steps in reverse. It’s that simple.

Warning: make sure you buy your tickets to the Studio well in advance on the Studio’s website. The tour sells out regularly and your customized Hogwarts acceptance letter from King’s Cross won’t get you in.

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